"I respectfully disagree."

"Goddamn it."

"-blam!- as much as you can and kill the rest.

"I don't hate Reach, merely think some things could be better."

Real lifeEdit

I currently live in Corvallis, Oregon, attending OSU for Chemical Engineering.

I'm out of a job as of right now, thus I've had more time to be on the internet. I'll probably end up fishing out something montounous and horrible, but that is alright, as long as I get the $$ I'll be fine.

I enjoy gaming (Obviously), as well as climbing, motor biking, and some golf. Can't say I'm good at it though.

At this point, I'm just trying to get a youtube channel off the ground. God knows how that will go...


ZipZapZop joined on 7/15/2010, shortly after was closed, seeking a new community. He frequents the Reach and Flood forums, and occasionally take a stroll through the community forums. He is also a member of many groups, however seldom posts in thme except for the folllowing groups:

  • The Floods Army
  • The Mad Tea Party
  • Forge Cafe
  • Chillhouse

Bungie GamesEdit

Having played Halo 2's campaign as well as splitscreen at a friends house in December '09, I shortly thereafter decided to invest in an Xbox 360, as well as Halo 3. After playing Halo 3, and enjoying it very much, I decided to invest in Reach. I was overall dissapointed with it, however it is still a great game.




Galcon battle08:34

Galcon battle

Me playing some Galcon back in '09 with a few buds.

I enjoy Galcon and Defcon for PC, however tend to stick more to my pitiful game collection on my 360.


My Bnet profile

My Youtube Channel

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