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Zero V2, now refered to as Zero, was a regular on the B.Net Flood forums until he found his place in the New Flood. In May of 2005 he joined under the alias of "EigthSky" and used it until late 2006, which he changed his alias at the very beginning of 2007. He's participated in the Flood well into the summer of 2008, before he discovered and joined the New Flood. Since then, he's been perma-banned from the B.Net forums and hasn't been motivated to re-join.

He is quite stubborn and doesn't usually accept new things with ease. For some reason or another, people get angry with his posts, even if nothing was done necessarily wrong. Because of this, he's been refered to by some as "the best troll ever" when he doesn't even try to anger others. People refer to him as a "robot" due to repressed sexual desire, super-functional lifestyle, and suppression of all uncontrollable hormonal and emotional influences.

Taking things very seriously, Zero isn't the best joker. However, he has a cynical humor toward many things, which has given him some negative attention by others. Zero is usually considered antisocial, dull, and sometimes creepy, but nobody has any real proof that these are actually true. However, in most cases he doesn't have anything to hide.

In terms of gaming, he doesn't fit into the crowd there either, mainly because of his criticism of the later Halo games and consoles in general. He plays games mainly on the PC, many of which are freeware or emulated titles. His SteamID is Zero_V2.

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