Zero Reaper's profile picture.

Zero Reaper is a relatively new member of the community who's been around for little more than 3 months, he joined out of interest to post in some 'Flood's Army' thread started by The Cobbler.

The Floods ArmyEdit

The same day that Zero Reaper created an account, he joined the newly-formed Flood's Army group and - somehow - ended up as a mod. Eventually, a few months later, he became a full-control Admin and one of the three leaders of the group, along with Topwargamer (the founder) and Rockdale Rooster.


Zero Reaper has many strongly-held opinions on many things; he is convinced that Religion is complete BS and the concept of God (in the sense that most religions see it) is physically impossible. He is also convinced that George W. Bush is a complete retard, and so is John Howard (ex-Prime Minister of Australia. Yes, Zero Reaper is Australian. No, he does not own a Kangaroo).

Video GamesEdit

Zero Reaper plays a large variety of games; however, his all-time, undisputed favourite is Armored Core 4/For Answer (FA was basically a very large expansion pack dressed up as a fresh game. It's still awesome). Between them, he's clocked easily 600 hours time.

Other than Armored Core, he plays a large amount of Halo, NFS: Hot Pursuit and Nazi Zombies.

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