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Zacharoni joined Bnet in 2006, but then due to e-mail issues had to create a new account in April of 2007 called "Zacharoni9" but will be liberated from his "9" very soon. His real first name is obviously Zach and he currently resides in Delaware as a teenager. The username was originally coined by a grade school friend of Zach's and he used it for his Xbox Live gamertag when he he couldn't think of anything better to use. It then stuck as his online alias.

Early Forum Activity Edit

Zacharoni out posting in the Halo 3 Forum in excitement for the final installment in his favorite gaming series. It was enjoyable to post there in the early days when information was scarce and you could actually hold intelligent discussions. He then fled for higher ground when it became stupider and stupider as time progressed. He now hates the forum with a flaming passion.

The Flood Edit

After leaving the Halo 3 Forum, Zach ended up in the flood. He posted there very regularly for a very long period of time and did not seem to gain much popularity. But as time progressed and he matured he became a Flood regular in many's eyes. He then started to befriend certain members and had much fun in the Flood posting there very heavily until he got into a few minor bans (3 days, Making stupid replies; and then 1 Month for some morning shenanigans with other users blasterchief and Rampancy).

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Zacharoni's Profile Zacharoni9's Profile

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