ZaCkY vEnGaNze is the most awesome memeber to evre walk the flood or he totally coler than duardo or recon 54 those two kids are just butthurt little

faggots and they should really learn to take a joke because ZaCkY vEnGaNze has been banned like a million times because of those two.

He is a little bit of a bitch, however, as he likes to take childrens dresses, edit them to his size, and then prance around the house, recording this on camera all the time, and saving the experiences on a 2 TB harddrive, that he hopes to be Buried with. The tru7h is that he secretly wants EVERYONE to see the vids, so he can take the shame right on his face. 14:58, March 14, 2011 (UTC)ZaCkY vEnGaNze

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