Yellow Team
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Motto The select few, who shall rise up against the Covenant & throw them down into the

fiery gauntlet of hell.

Members 20 (as of 31/09/08)
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History Edit

In The Beginning

Having just finished the story; Halo The Fall Of Reach ODST Recruit noticed the Chief split his team into coloured groups, Recruit thought it would be good for a group online on, but Recruit expected the idea to be taken so he put it to one side for a while. When he was playing on Halo 2 on Warlock he noticed coloured symbols on the floor - Red, Blue, Green & Yellow - He immediately got the idea for a fourth Spartan team, Yellow Team. He soon realised that this would be a group focused primarily on the story of Halo, though he didn't want people thinking that the group was for Halo know-it-alls the group is for anyone who has played Campaign & intends to play it again. With online play & Campaign scoring the group became more & more a reality. On the 12th of April 2008 the idea became reality with Yellow Team becoming a proper group

The Fiction

Recruit was an accomplished author & had written a fictional story for his group, which can be found there.

Present Edit


Yellow Team offers a few ranks a full list can be found at the group.


There is currently one tournament happening, but it has been postponed.


Recruit is writing a story which is available to members to read.


To discover all secrets of Halo & kill the Covenant along the way.

Future Edit

Recruit hopes for the group to become more & more popular & hopes to have a large number of members before the new year. Recruit also hopes for people to take part in the group.

Update Edit

Yellow Team was a group, but expansion has caused it to grow to a free forum site. The old group can be found here - [1]

Admin Approved

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