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The member Yama Raion, is known on as being, almost certainly, the sexiest member on the site - even more so than HarlowOO197 or ImTriForceGuy.

A picture of Yama in his formal dress attire, taken 2007

Yama joined on the 07.12.2006.

2010 AbsenceEdit

During the middle of 2010 Yama disappeared (apparently due to him 'moving his house'). This coincided with one of the darkest eras in history.

Random FactsEdit

  • Yama is also known for being the first member to officially sleep with every single member that is female, and at least 30 who are not. Although, one could argue that semantically, they probably slept with Yama, not the other way around
  • Yama is known for being the Japanese version on Mr 'T'
  • His walls look looked like public toilet walls
  • Yama is one of B.nets only open Buddhists
  • Yama is also known as 'Sex'. This is in direct conflict to Rhea's statements that she is, in fact, 'Sex'. The meaning of this 'Sex', or whither there can actually be two 'Sexes' remains unknown
  • He shaves on cam, and doesn't afraid of anything.
  • Once you see Yama on Cam, your mind will melt and in turn, you will have a new mind constructed from Yama's epicness.
  • There were 100 types of Yamas before. Then they all got into a huge fight. The victor is the one you see today.
  • After a full day of being the most sexual sentient being in the universe and beyond, Yama retires with a few games of "Company of Heroes", where he continues to be sexual while raping nazis beyond all comprehension with explosions

Famous QuotesEdit


>_>" -Yama Raion, ~1300 BCE

"BANZAIIIIIIIII!" -Yama Raion, Hero Mode

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