BF is the only 118 member to have been blacklisted by Watts instead of removed in 118. He has realized his mistake and swears it will never happen again. So far he has been true to his word, but slacking on his Bungiepedia page. He has also been slacking in his activity, and is almost nonexistent on Live.

His Signature

Where do you get BF from 'XmY Br iZ 4Sh0tX'? That is for him and a select few to know, and for the rest of you to be fed lies. Before you PM him make sure you read his policy on that.


He plays everything and anything. All he needs is an invite.


He uses a lot of them. His two most common are iTz EliTe3141 (silver now), and z E L ii T 3. If you want to play with him he will gladly accept... if he knows you. No room for "randoms".


These are in order of importance:

The rest are sub-groups, or are generally unimportant.

Barry Roll

He is the creator of the Barry Roll. It was made on January tenth on 9:11 PM PST. It can be seen here.

Barry Roll

Favorite Quotes

  • If you don't like getting shot by guns, then don't play Halo.
  • You don't even need thumbs with the AR!
  • Don't die unnecessarily, ya know?

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