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xianoa is an active user of the Bungie Community. xianoa tends to stick to the halo 3 forums and the few groups he is in. LifeEdit

Early HistoryEdit

After discovering the xbox along with halo combat evolved, xianoa quickly moved onto reading about the sequel. after readin teh forums for a while he signed up although never really posting.

xianoa only really became active in the creation of the halo 3 forum, discussing the beta and possible story theories with other users. sharing the knowledge he has of the halo universe through the games and books he has obtained.

he is most recognised for starting a thread where he took users pictures, resized for their desktop and threw in edits for them. he is yet to say why he offered to spend his time doing so.


Trivial Facts about xianoa:

  • the user login xianoa was originally linked to his gamertag untill went through the major update, in which they teamed up with microsofts LIVE passport and thus causing a conflict between his live account being associated twice.
  • xianoa is an avid collector of all things halo.
  • his legendary helmet number is 540994
  • currently lives in the United Kingdom
  • plays 2 instruments
  • is scared of grunts

Gamertag Edit


Groups Edit


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