An 'intrepid heroic member' who never seems to post in the mains, and goes by the nickname of 'X.' He has been a member of for a year, and the only people who seem to know him is anyone in a private group that he happens to be active in (there are only about 4 of these).</p>

He also happens to have a weird set of ideals, and calls himself a nazi. Yet says he doesn't hate Jews, gays, or much of anything really. To quote him,


I hold no grudge against Jews, Gypsies, or Ga­ys. It's a matter of pride. Nothing more. While I do believe that not all the people on this world should not live (looking at you ghettos [gangsters crack heads and their ilk]), I also believe in exceptions. Pick your enemies, don't pick a group and blame them unless your hand is forced. The world doesn't need more useless bloodshed"

He is a noteable member in the main brony group (a former mod, self dubbed troll mod). His attitude as a mod was more of a lazy, good-for-nothing guy who sits on his ass until he gets really bored. Then he sets random objects aflame.

In the thread that got him demoted he broke quite a few rules. The first was simple: spam. After the other mods (Exalted Kezia- now admin) locked it he unlocked it... several times. He then pinned it saying something along the lines of, "all must read this." After it was unpinned and everyone merely wrote him off as going insane for a day he let it stay locked, and let it die, but he would not, however, leave it locked. Before it even reached page 2 he unlocked it, but left it be for another time.

It was a few weeks later that he told some friends that it was still unlocked, and ready to be revived. That day it was necro-bumped, and most of the mods had a field day. Not a page later another mod(MnM D12- no longer a mod of any kind) locked it. X was quick to unlock it, but they seemed determined to lock the thread. Finally a mod (Phantom5niper- also no longer a mod) banned X. X gave a sly smile and quickly went to ban Phantom (at first he planned to ban ALL the mods, but he figured that'd just get him perma'd) . A small shit storm ensued, but quickly died. The only admin at the time unbanned them both, and demoted X. After a time the same admin would delete this thread, and the title "Let's burn some shit!" may as well be a bannable offence.

Other known groups:

  • Flood's army</li></li></li>
  • UNSC Spartan II's</li></li></li>
  • New Lunar Republic</li></li></li>
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