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xTRIGGER092x is a very active member. He has been visiting since 2004, joined on 8/5/2005 under the name "LivePlayer12896," which has since been deleted for inactivity. On 3/28/2006, he made his current account, xTRIGGER092x (named after his gamertag), because he wanted to link his Xbox 360 Gamertag to (He decided to make a new gamertag when he got his 360 online on 12/30/05 instead of transferring his old Xbox Gamertag, TRIGGERHAPPY092).

"Home Forums"Edit

xTRIGGER092x's "Home" forums have been varied over the few years. As LivePlayer12896 and his early days as xTRIGGER092x, he stayed at the now-deleted forum dedicated to Halo 2 Multiplayer, "Zanzibar." For a month or so after that, he was a regular of the Halo 2 Single-Player Forum, "New Mombasa." Not long after, he was a regular at the Halo PC Forum, "The Maw." At the end of Summer 2006, he was a regular of "The Flood," the Off-Topic forum, and still is. He claims that this is going to be his permanent " Home."

Community EventsEdit

xTRIGGER092x has took part in/done several things for the Flood's community. He took part in the very large-scale Kitchen 8 event, re-made the "Scary Stories" thread several times, created a list and summaries of big events in the Flood's History, which he calls the "Flood's --History Archives," and does monthly game reviews, which leads him to believe he is "The Flood's Unofficial Game Reviewer."


-Large Supporter of Soffish (As shown by his avatar).

-One of the few Kentuckian Members.

-Annoyed by people who can't spell properly.

-Has been blacklisted four times. One time for negatively talking about people of certain sexual orientations, and the other three times for responding to spam (Those three times he was blacklisted all happened within a month and a half).


New Flood

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