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Welcoming Committee


Group Information
Theme: Super
Founder: DeeJ
Location: None
Motto: The white gloves of community.
Members: 35
Founded On: 25th January 2012
Group Page: [1]


The Welcoming Committee is a resource for new members. They are the friends to the Newbie - a helpful voice that steps forward to assist the lost and confused. Their charge is one of service, rather than moderation. They'll keep a sharp eye trained on the #Support forum, and patrol the community in search of fresh faces that need a friendly lesson in the etiquette or protocol that defines our scene.

Group HistoryEdit

The Group was created on the 25th of January 2012, at that time only active ninjas were added to the group which came to a total of 22 members including DeeJ and Urk.

On January the 29th the members from a now dis-used chapter called 'The Welcome Wagon' were transfered over. This was annouced later on in February on the 11th.


25th January 2012Edit

  • DeeJ (Admin)
  • Urk (Admin)
  • Qbix
  • Old Papa Rich
  • The Slayer
  • Recon Number 54
  • True Underdog
  • Evilcam
  • Duardo
  • Dazarobbo
  • FoMan123
  • DrWeird
  • BorrowedChief
  • El Roboto
  • Just Another Fan
  • dmbfan09
  • Bobcast
  • Lord Revan
  • Yozzel
  • Ash55
  • Butane
  • TomT (Resigned)

29th January 2013Edit

  • ChorrizoTapatio (Admin)
  • Arbitor5 (Admin)
  • EZcompany2ndsqd
  • dmg04
  • Bricypoo
  • American Recoil
  • Zoobkillerninja
  • lijeu
  • Halcylon

29th November 2013Edit

  • Spawn
  • Hylebos
  • Malfar
  • MoonDawg
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