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Overview Edit


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Zee JollyRoger is a member of the Community commonly referred to as The 7th Column. Zee JollyRoger is commonly called "Zee" for short. Zee has been a member of the Community since May 5th, 2005. Many people who recognize Zee automatically know that he is a Pirate. Those who don't know quickly find out from his "Your Mother" jokes and the occasional "Yarr!" he appends to his posts.

History Edit

7th Fist

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Zee JollyRoger wouldn't be the member he is without the name. On May 5th, 2005 a confused person sat at his computer glaring at the "Create an Account" page. After following the proper steps in creating a Passport, now known as a Windows Live ID, this person was left with one task. This task was the creation of an online identity, an identity that would follow him around forever. Taking inspiration from his love of pirates & a trip to Europe, the task was complete. JollyRoger derived from the love of pirates and "Zee" as a slip-up in a German conversation he had been in. Zee JollyRoger was born on that day. Only to be fronted with the complications of being a minority against the vast wealth of Ninjas on

Conflicts - The Ninja Edit

Zee, being a pirate, has had many challenges whilst sailing the waters. Most of his problems come from having to deal with a superior race of Ninjas and Forum Ninjas. Not the type to mis-behave and get blacklisted, Zee tries to cope with all Ninjas. One year ago while blissfully being blissful on Zee received a Private Message from a certain SS_Zag1. Recently, then, Zee had applied for a programming position at an Indy Group of mainly High School fellows. Even though the position lasted for a while until the projects disintegration, as assumed, Zee and Zag had become best friends.

Zee & Zag became best friends through XBox Live. They enjoyed many games of Halo 2 Double-Team & Training before the inevitable arose. While playing one innocent game of Halo 2, Zag posed the question: "Ninja or Pirate?" Zee was quick to retort: "Pirate, you silly fool!" Zag then explained that he was part of the Ninja and was in exile at his Ninja Fortress in the West. Often joking about their status Zee & Zag still enjoy being friends. Zag has been a very important part of Zee's life in a few occasions and still to this day tries to help the pirate within Zee, even though they be mortal enemies. Through Zag, Zee has met many a Ninja that have yet to stab him. Through these Ninja, Zee has gained great respect for the "dirty dogs."

Triva & Lore Edit

  • Zee started the Senor_Leche manliness jokes, due to his overwhelming voice. Zee's lack of sanity one night on Backwashin a game of swords spawned this evil truth, that Leche is a bag of milky manliness.
  • It is said that Senor_Leche sent Zee a raunchy Birthday PM. The PM was entitled "Someone Needs a Spanking."
  • Zee giggles like a School girl.

Contributions & Achievements Edit

  • Zee has helped to contribute to the Pimps at Sea RPG originally started by SS_Zag1. Zee created the Pirate Ship & some interesting literature.
  • Zee has created a few help and tutorial threads on and posted them in "The Septagon," which happens to be the older name for the newly revised Community forum.
  • Zee generally likes to help other members in any way he can. Zee posts help, advice, information, links, and other criteria so that members can find what they're asking for.

--Zee JollyRoger 20:18, 20 July 2007 (UTC)

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