Useless0ne: an experiment in Etymology, or Daniel "Brett" Larsen II, Esq. is a user on (known as TheUseless0ne), and a regular in the related IRC channels. He is awesome, and loves everyone, even though some of them hate everyone. He is best known for his awesomeness, which he keeps in his jar on his desk for study. What?

Infatuation With Bob

Brett enjoys the name "Bob" because it's so very generic and common. Anytime he sees a crowd, he says, "Oh look! It's Bob!" Because undoubtedly, a guy named Robert, Rob, Bob, or Bobby is somewhere in the group.

Superfluous Line citation needed

Other Stuffs

Brett is Batman. It's fact. The weird thing is, his favorite comic hero dude is actually Deadpool. So why did he become Batman? The answer is because Deadpool would probably find it funny to be Batman. Does that make sense? No. Who am I talking to?

Brett is a sexy man dude. The hottest guy on Don't debate it, as seeing an image of him will make you feel bad about your self image.

Brett loves everyone. I already said that, jerk.

Brett has a real-life friend named Bob.

Brett knows a lot of trivial facts that no one cares about. All of his 136 I.Q. is wasted on it and cartoons.

Brett likes to see his name in text. That's why I keep typing it.

Brett is 22, but mostly watches cartoons, because cartoons are awesome.

Brett is the bestest player of the Halos. He is a 32 Commander, with a k/d over 1.0.

Brett is more than proud to tell you that he is not only an elitist, but he is, in fact, the best elitist there is.

Brett once stabbed a guy, with another guy.

Brett is the most egotistical person ever.

Brett can benchpress over 200 pounds, and once ran a mile in 5:18, 3 seconds shy of his high-school's 3rd place record.

Everyone loves Brett more than anyone else. And he mostly returns their affection.

It should be known that Brett is the most perfect person there is, ever.

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