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History Edit

"I'm loved by some and hated by many and i. . . simply don't give a fu**"   -UsableTick

UsableTick has been a member since:

UsableTick was originally focused mainly on the game forums, such as the Halo 3 forum. Later on he discovered The Flood Forum, he started visiting it day per day in attempt at getting away from the trolls and flamers on the halo forums.

UsableTick is known for his hating, excessive cussing and his coup.

Groups Edit

UsableTick was once a forum moderator of "The Epitaph Journey", a group dedicated to finding the mysteries of the halo 3 map called Epitaph.

After the group got hijacked UsableTick decided to leave the group. 

He then joined a lot of groups. 

One being Firefight Custom Games which is the one he's most active on.

Hobbies Edit

UsableTick likes to impersonateThe Comedian from the movie Watchmen. He also likes Zombie related movies and games. Reading books isn't really his hobby. He likes almost any war related game, mostly Halo, Call of Duty or Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising. He is looking to buy Left 4 Dead 2, Borderlands, Modern Warfare 2, Halo: Reach and The Saboteur.

UsableTick is also in a soccer team.

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