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The founders and moderators of UWG aka UWG Generals.

United World Gaming
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Motto "The best way to unite a world of differences: is through a common love. Welcome to United World Gaming."
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United World GamingEdit

United World Gaming is a Chapter on originating from the cold, dark ground sometime in November of 2010 originally created by Mr AwesomePizza. The group was originally only going to discuss games and their complete awesomeness, but was then decided to be a "all around" group. Meaning it served all forms of discussion.

Chapter FoundersEdit

The Founders for UWG are Mr AwesomePizza, kool fat kid, and acnboy34. The idea originated from Mr AwesomePizza, but acnboy34 and kool fat kid helped with moderation maintaining the group to make sure it doesn't have a fallout. Within a month of creating United World Gaming, kool fat kid resigned from his post as moderator. The Chapter is now run by Arbitor 5 and OldLegoExpert as the original Admins quit one by one.


The current UWG staff:

  • ARBITOR 5 - Admin
  • OldLegoExpert - Admin
  • ZedFish - Head Hod
  • Tear 08 - Mod
  • CTN 0452 9 - Mod
  • GazetteGamer - News Writer


These members were once apart of UWG's moderation staff:

  • Mr AwesomePizza
  • ancboy34
  • The Highwayman48
  • Brigadier Fox
  • Grizzwizz
  • kool fat kid


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