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United Clans is a group created by member AirR Force 0ne. Known for The UCL,Interview,Old Website and Group Spotlights.!

Description and History Edit

Back in August 2008, Airr Force 0ne had a vision, for all Clan Leaders to come into one place and gather, to talk about each others groups, Forum Alliances Organize Game nights/Battles. However, he couldn't do it alone, so we hired the First Admins of the group: heyyou9974,PsuFan1993, PYR0 M4ST3R, Mero90,and WesMan 223. Between August and December, some Admins disappeared some came. Around December '08 Airr Force 0ne made the decision to make Teabagger UC Vice President.Around Janurary-Feburary, VestigeL , A UC Tech Support Member made a UC Website with the Address of It had a shoutout box, and numerous other features.On March 23rd,2009 Airr Force 0ne officaly stepped down as UC President and heyyou became the New UC President, Mero90 thus becoming UC VP.

Since 2008, United Clans has been featured numerous times in the Private Groups spotlight.

Between March-April 2009, heyyou contacted urk about getting UC to control Bungie Favorites and which all members will be able to submit content for Bungie Favorites by submitting for the UC Group Spotlight.

United Clans Group Favorites and Bungie Favorites Edit

Groups that are represented by UC and have posted their clan/group in the Pinned topic "Clan Master List" will get the chance to control the Group Favorites for 1 week, They get to submit member content from their groups and post it up. An alternative is individual members may submit their work in a separate thread. The deadline is July 28th,2009. Heyyou and his staff will sort through the files using an undisclosed method and post it in Bungie Favorites. See UC for more details and rules.

Rules Edit

United Clans has simple, but clear rules. United Clans is completely governed by the Terms of Use and Code of Conduct and the Staff will enforce it.

Links Edit

United Clans –

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