ToastyGluvs In Real LifeEdit

ToastyGluvs' main priority at the moment is completing Highschool. When he is not focusing on Highschool he likes to participate in biking, swimming, playing video games, camping and other activities.

Info On LifeEdit


ToastyGluvs' current avatar

ToastyGluvs' account was created on July 19th, 2008. He had one other account 3 years before that, but it was deleted because he hadn't discovered the endless amounts of interesting and fun threads that graced's forums.

He logs in daily and enjoys posting in the Flood and the Community Forums.

ToastyGluvs and HaloEdit

ToastyGluvs' began playing Halo when he was a wee laddy. His first Halo game was Combat Evolved. He would play it constantly and when Halo 2 came out he was over-joyed. It was his first online game and he could not wait to begin his epic journey through the campaign and the blood sport that is match making. He marvelled at the endless amounts of fun that could be had in Custom Games. His favorite was Zombies. It was also his favorite Halo game ever. Then, when September 2007 arrived he purchased an Xbox 360 to be able to play Halo 3. He did not play it as much as Halo 2 until around February 2009. He met most of his friends around this time and he still constantly plays with them today.

On April 29th, 2009, ToastyGluvs' became one of the first 500 people to receive Recon. He achieved it through the screenshot contest en-titled, Team control.

ToastyGluvs' Gamer TagEdit

ToastyGluvs' username was created along with his second Xbox Live account gamer tag, ToastyGloves. He thought of his original name "ToastyGloves" while playing Big Team Battle on Coagulation. There is no real reason about how it came to be but it was an original name and one that he enjoyed thoroughly. His username changed barely when creating his profile on When creating it, he was under the impression that it could not be the same as his gamer tag.

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