The Wo1f in real life

The Wo1f joined on the 30th of June, 2008 and has (for the most part) remained active ever since) His current title (as of 9.15.3011) is Intrepid Legendary Member.

Bungie.Net LifeEdit

At first, The Wo1f posted mostly in the Halo 3, and Bungie community forums. But by fall of that year he had lost interest and moved to the Flood Forum where he remained, with an occasional post elsewhere, for almost a year. Before the release of Halo: Reach, The Wo1f began visiting the Reach forum almost exclusively, but shortly after the release, The Wo1f returned to the Flood where he remains relatively active, seldom posting in other public forums.

In Real LifeEdit

In real life, The Wo1f is a weapons enthusiast, and has a small collection of swords. His favorite types of movies are Fantasy, Action, and Suspense.


The Wo1f is one of several furries on



The Wo1f's avatar

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  • Black
  • CompoundIntelligence
  • Coup D Bungie
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  • Outer Haven
  • Owners of the Katana
  • The Bungie Podcast
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  • Waaahmbulance

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