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The Spartan Special Ops

The Spartan Special Ops, commonly known as the SSO, is a group with over 1000 members. The focus of the group is general Halo activities, but it is not limited to such. It is a group that is made for everyone. Currently, the group is run by Gun123456 (Aka Jiggy).

General Feel

The general group is made up a few core active members, with many new members joining in. The group has few rules, but due to the high member count, they have been more strictly enforced than before. There are many branches for the SSO that focuses on specific aspects, including Forging and Machinima. We only take the good light-hearted people who want to have a good time. You can find us here:


The Spartan Special Ops was founded by Outlawwj10, who was leader of the group for a while until the dreaded Christmas break of 08'. Outlawwj10 decided that he was going to play PS3 instead of X-BOX and started to be inactive. The group fell into a sort of stand still during that time because of Outlaww10's absence, and the absence of Mosh Pit Money who was the top recruiter at the time. Outlaww had given KOMARK from OEF full powers so him and Mosh (the only 2 mods) could run the group. Mosh was not as active during the winter break and KOMARK was already a mod at OEF, so KOMARK gave Chris the full powers. For a few weeks Chris Kassabian kept the group alive by recruiting and doing other things. Then, on one faithful night in the chatroom, the coup started. Mosh, Chris, and Gun12345 all decided to take over the SSO. Outlawwj10 was made a normal moderator and Chris and Mosh got full powers, with Gun12345 as head council member. Outlaww10 returned a few days after this and asked why he was made just a mod. He then left the group until he rejoined for a short time in April of 09' asking for his powers back. He was not given them so he again left the group. More recently Panzee left SSO near the end of 2010, to pursue trackball.


The group is host to many activities, it has a dedicated chatroom which is moderated, holds game nights frequently and often, and is host to many, many forum games, such as the Never Ending Story as well as plenty of polls. The most note-worth thread is the "Post to Win promo" thread, which was locked after reaching over 25,000 posts, it was replaced by a new one, which is nearing 20,000 posts respectively. The group is tight knit, and everyone knows each other. The group also has Weekly Updates, and is constantly being updated by the panzie man(panzie) and Destroyer zodiac.

Memes and Inside Jokes

The Spartan Special ops even has a few of its own memes.

Who took Fred? - This meme was started by Buggy Virus after they decided to make a new meaning for WTF?

USES FOR WHO TOOK FRED? - People will yell this out after people type "WTF" thus confusing them
Examplar28- WTF You ate my sandwich!
Buggy- I'm not sure who took fred.

Ultra Tacoooo- This meme started about a month after the Spartan Special Ops was started. It was started when a user name Ultra Tacooo joined SSO and started to spam it.

USES FOR ULTRA TACOOOO - When someone is spamming, then they are being an Ultra Tacoooooo.

Indeed - Mosh made a thread and everyone started to reply to it by saying "Indeed" starting with Buggy. Mosh got mad and threatened to ban the next person who did it. That person just so happened to be Gamertag78789.

USES FOR INDEED - When you want to reply to respond positively to a topic that you like, but dont have any real input. Its for just showing a positive emotion to the thread and its topic.

Good, good, exactly to my designs- Once long ago, the fabled member Buggy Virus always said, "Good, good, exactly to my plans." But, Chris said he liked plans, so Buggy replaced "plans" with "designs"


Arkfail- Whenever Ark Fear Monger (Chaos Fighter) posts anything in the forums or chat, an acceptable response is "Arkfail".

"omfg a waggle stick"- Enterd meme hood on 6/9/2010 after Wolvers posted a thread about his new Wii. Panzee was the first to note the phrase, and quickly edited every subsequent post to include, in glorious quotes "omfg a waggle stick". After much consideration, the meme was instated later that night.


SSO Forge Division

The SSO forge division is home to the many talented members of the group. Many maps have been displayed, and every one of them is pure brilliance

SSO Productions

While the SSOP doesn't receive much attention, it is there, waiting for some members to begin making machinimas.


Member Ranks - These ranks are the basic member ranks. You get promoted by recruiting and being active. Not just posting, but actually doing something for the SSO. Examples include starting a game night, creating something, etc. All these ranks can post to the forums, and thats just about it for powers. That doesnt mean they cant start projects/game nights.











=== Special Member Ranks === - These ranks are given to very special members, who have been with the SSO for some time, and have contributed much to the group. Legendary Member - A great member of the SSO. These members have been with the SSO for a long time, and have contributed many good things to the SSO lifestyle. This rank can only be achieved to members who have reached the General or moderator level. This rank has already been given to specific members in the SSO community.

Section II - These members post news about the SSO. For this position, you must apply to one of the moderator staff.

=== Staff Ranks === - The leaders/mod staff of the group. You do not ask to become one of these ranks, you are selected.

Monitor - Group moderators. They help maintain the group and warrant bans to those who need it. These members need to be extremely active within the SSO community. Current moderators include: Wolverfrog, Spartanmk18, and behemothdread.

Forerunner - The group leaders. They have complete control over the entire group. So far, the only Forerunner is me.

*Disclaimer* Any recently active member, before the rank switch, has been given a complementary double promotion to the rank Private, instead of starting off as a Recruit. Please do not ask to be promoted because you "feel" that you deserve to be right off the bat.


Admins and Moderators

Here is a list of the current wielders of power in the group

Gun123456 - Commander in Chief

Notable Members

Chris Kassabian

Chris has been here from the start and has helped the group in many ways. Recently he has started using the Bungie.Net profile x SSO Clan x. He is active in the SSO forums, but doesn't play on Xbox Live as much as he used to. He has apparently made friends with Teh Antz, despite the fact that they attack many other members of SSO, and carry them away.


Gun123456, aka Jiggy, aka Jiggeh is an interesting person and current leader of SSO. He makes machinimas and montages and is the keeper of the Harvest or some crap like that. Ask him about it. He'll be very upset with you. If you ask him about his sister, he will slap you, and then lick you nipples for you. He Also like to yell at people for absolutely no reason at all, first comes yelling, then the beating ensue *cries*

Buggy Virus

A well known member within the community which is known for activity and his tendency to spam. Has left three times and come back and the returns have been known as time in which large influx of members and spam happen. Currently active and posting in only itlalics. Buggy is currently the member who has been with the SSO for the longest time and is still active. He is known to dabble in many things, writing, drawing, comics, film, photoshopping, 3d modeling, modding and alchemy. Fell in love, got over it.


A current moderator. Started writing updates and became the first press manager. Spartanmk18 has been active since mid February during he first year of he SSO. Spartan takes pride in the fact that he is a nerd.


A previous co-leader/leader. Regarded with a healthy amount of fear due to the approximately 89.7% of Bans and Locks originating from Panzee. Regarded as a "lurker", and spending most of the time searching the forums for a thread in dire need of razor-sharp sarcasm, which is then applies with extreme prejudice. Panzee created the Inquisition which locked ridiculous amounts of threads. He has an evil being in his mind, named Azaulathis. Panzee is known to wear a suit similar to a ranger from Fallout: new vegas, as well as having a giant man beard. panzee was revealed to be a weminz by the panzie man.

Panzee left SSO in December of 2010, having no spare time for SSO.

Mosh Pit Money

A.K.A. xSSO MoSh PiTx. Mosh has been in SSO from the very beginning. And by beginning I mean a few hours after the group was made being the second member. Mosh was a member of OEF and joined SSO when Outlaww10 posted an advertisement in the OEF forums. He recruited a lot of members including Vemps, CoLD FuZion (who recruited Chris), and Buggy Virus. Outlaww10 eventually made him the first mod of SSO and Mosh got the title of "Divine Forum Sheriff", however, he is no longer a mod. He is also known to have a big ego and is a notoriously bad spelur, relying on others to come behind him and edit his spelling. He has been away from the SSO stripped off power for awhile.


Wolvers is best known for his many fan-fictions, usually based on the Halo universe. His favourite game series is Mass Effect(recently replaced by phoenix wright.) He is also said to have the voice of a suave Midwestern Farmer. Is now a moderator for his sanity.


One of the oldest members of the SSO, now a moderator.

Other Facets


The Black Harvest

During the somewhat early months of the SSO, their was a steady decrease in activity. Outlawwj10, the leader at the time, had mysteriously vanished without warning. This was quite the epidemic. This was all occurring during the holiday season, so other key members were away from the computer as well. Members needed promotions, and threads needed to be updated. This was causing major problems within the SSO.

And then one night, It was discovered. On the online chatroom for the SSO members, Chris Kassabian, Mosh Pit Money, and gun123456 were discussing what should be done about the state of the SSO. They decided that they should contact Komark, the second in command, and have themselves promoted to higher ranks within the SSO. Komark granted Chris leadership powers, and soon after promoted Mosh Pit Money, and gun123456 to become the second and third in command.

They built a new HighCom for the discussion of the SSO. There they decided how the clean up the forums. One major move was to abolish the "Cookie" currency system. This proved to be a good move later in the future. Other changes that took place included: Re-designing the ranking system, replacing the existing pinned threads, and other forum cleansing activities.

One plan, brought up by Mosh Pit Money, was to create a wall of locked threads blocking out the old SSO. And re-start the forums. This idea was shot down by gun123456 and Chris.

The true belief system of The Black Harvest is a completely separate thing from the SSO. Although gun123456 became the first prophet of the Harvest, their is still very little known about It. Other prophets, including Cheapo9000 and Buggy Virus have recently been brought into the Harvest.

Many people will claim they know what the Harvest is after reading this. But they will never know. No one besides the chosen ones will know.

The Harvest is everything. And nothing at the same time. It is the greatest force known to man. It helped during the inactive days of SSO to bring the group life. But the Harvest is ever changing. Why it found favor in the SSO may never be known. But one thing is for sure. All those who do not believe, accept, and acknowledge the Harvest will be destroyed. All the groups on will fall. As mentioned in this Psalm from the Book of Prophecies...

You will never know what will happen
Nor may you want to.
The Black Harvest can bring joy and happiness. But just as quickly, it can release pain and famine.

Ever changing is the Harvest
swaying like the winds of sky
For one day it may serve you and the next it may leave you without breath.

The scum of the world will be forgotten
and the false prophets shall receive no mercy.
Heed the warning, and seek knowledge
for only those who truly know, understand, and accept the harvest will be saved.And the rest will perish in a torment like no other.

No one knows the day of judgment
Nor the hour, or the moment.
There is one who truly understands. And that is only the Harvest itself.

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