The Secret Society was founded by member Jiggleslinky on November 17th 2011. Originally intended to be a group where every body had full control to attract those who wanted to know what being an admin was like, this idea quickly was demolished by first member MAiGc8888888088 when he abused his power right off the bat and basically annihilated the infant group. Claiming to be a 40 year old man, magic PM'd Jiggleslinky about how you shouldn't trust people, and so that's what he did.

Second Wave

Fortunately magic left and Jiggleslinky was able to rebuild and started trying to recruit. Deciding to change the group to just a normal off-topic with the hopes of withstanding Bungie's impending parting with the Halo franchise and the resulting drop in community activity, Jiggleslinky recruited real life friends Djan0, MLD Destroyer, Ankrow, and Sylar G07. He also soon recruited his younger brother Cujix. Things were looking good for the group, everyone had high hopes. Sadly, no one felt like recruiting and the Society started to become just a hang out for the friends after several failed attempts at recruiting by Jiggleslinky.

New Year

The new year brought in devastation with the permanent banning of Jiggleslinky. (This ban has since passed and Jiggleslinky is active again) Activity had regressed to the point where Ankrow was the only active member. At this time it was thought that Jiggleslinky would be leaving Bungie forever. However, he came back within a week due to his familiarity with the private groups. He remains active in them today. Rather than shunning and closing up, Jiggleslinky branched out and made the promise never to let his small group die. Soon new member Scaryghost1 seemed to shine a light on the group and invigorated them to continue to push out of the "hang out for friends" phase. This didn't happen as Scaryghost1 became bored and left quite quickly, eliminating the only non-friend member.

Spring '12

New friend Anonym0us made his debut on the team in March, quickly befriending Jiggleslinky and becoming the main recruiter for the group. His progress was very limited but at least he was trying. He became a big contributor to the group along with Ankrow, keeping Jiggleslinky up to date on the mains and posting a few threads in the Classifieds.


Ankrow and Jiggleslinky seem to still be the only members active. The group had managed to stay quite alive for the past 11 months almost solely on the effort of Jiggleslinky, who still hopes that new members may come but doesn't want to bother his other groups because it can be a real pain for them.

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