The Screw Edit

The Screw is the new name of the Septagon, as seen here.

History Edit

Once Upon A Time, a member by the name of 'drop4tay' accidently called the Septagon "The Screw", and from that we call "The Septagon", "The Screw". Everybody has high hopes of renaming The Septagon from "Bungie Community Forum" to "The Screw". The member who hopes the most, is Duardo.

Famous Quotes Edit


~ Evilcam

the screw beside your name why in the lobby how do you get it?

~ drop4tay

From this day forward, every man, woman, and child shall bear witness. They shall fully be aware that "Septagon" is no more. They shall proclaim to the heavens that it will now be called "The Screw." They shall honor it. Cherish it. Love it. They shall become one with it. This is no longer their Septagon. This is no longer their Bungie Community Forum. This shall forever more, be known as "The Screw.

~ Duardo

Avatars & Pictures Edit

Here is a list of Avatars that people have made in honour of the screw.

>Avatar 1 [SonicJohn]

>Avatar 2 [SonicJohn]

>Picture 1[CAVX]

>Picture 2 [BadM0nkey117]

>The Tshirt [i use stickys]

Chapters/Groups Edit

Here are groups dedicated to the Screw:

>The Screw Community

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