Summary Edit

The Sage of Halo is an Exalted Mythic Member who mostly hangs out in the Septagon and a group Popular Fusion, and can also be found on Coup d'Bungie and Mythic Members

He is one of the 10 moderators of the script Coup d'Bungie, colloqually known as Coup. .

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Real Life Edit

Location: Minnesota

Job: Video Game Store Clerk

Age: 19

Name: Leo

'Gamertag': Kodyack

Bio Edit

The Sage of Halo (alias Klyka) is an Exaulted Mythic Member on He joined in March of 2005 and became active, listening and learning about Halo and the Community. He is one of the Go-to guys on Halo knowledge and canon. Currently he is very unassuming and rarely posts in the main forums, save for the Septagon and on occasion The Flood. He is one of 10 moderators of the Coup d'Bungie user script.

Groups: Edit

The Sage of Halo Group

Popular Fusion

Mjolnir Battle Tactics

Mythic Members

The Praetors

Coup d'Bungie

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