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Information Edit

Often nicknamed 'TLB' by Neuron and members, The Legendary Beaters is a Group that only lets people who have quickly finished beating Campaign on Legendary in. It was made by Neuron on the 14th of June 2008, with the intention of creating a friendly social atmosphere. He frequently hands out promotions to people he thinks deserve it, sometimes commenting their members are 'Hardcore'. The Group has a website which was made by member AaronSmallWoods.

And recently, Neuron and the Members have started designing TLB Banners, to make the Group more homey.

The theme used in The Legendary Beaters is Legendary.

Size Edit

The Group is arguably the fastest growing Group on B.Net, accumilating 51 members in just 9 days. All of the recruiting is done by Neuron himself, with some help from Recruiters. . He has found that advertising in the Classifieds is a waste of time, as there is only a 10% chance of joining. So he decides to send them PM's instead.

Currently, they have no stiff competition.

External Links Edit

[The Legendary Beaters]

The FounderEdit

The Founder, Neuron as of the 23rd of June 2008 a Commander Grade 2 and is renowned as a "Legendary Beater". He is a very organised Leader, promoting TLB's group members' ideas, setting up Screenshot Competitions, a Clan, and is on TLB every day. He is a member of OTK and numerous others; while being a part time moderator on GroudForce11.


The Legendary Beaters' ranks are quite complex. Neuron has made specific ranks for people who do specific things. Here is the complete list of The Legendary Beaters' ranks:

Beater- Normal member

Heroic- A levelled up normal member

Legendary- A leveled up Heroic Member

Mythic- S leveled up Legendary Member (Highest Rank)

Ally- Founder of another Group that has made an alliance with Neuron

Recruiter- Member that helps Neuron in recruiting members

Member Of The Month- A member that excelled for the Month.

Legendary Ninja- A Moderator that keep the Forums clean, under control, and keeps the members in line.

Overlord- The Leader of the Group. Can do anything to everything in the Group. Only 2 people have this rank: Neuron and xYx Zeus xYx.

The ranks are a priviledge. Only members that Neuron seems worthy to have shall get.


The Legendary Beaters' website was set up by AaronSmallwoods in late June 2008. It has a Chat Room, a Comment board, a Hyperlink of Videos and Things, and updates. The website has many pictures of Mjolnir RECON, and Mark VI armour. The Link to it is on the front page of TLB.

However, there have been many more Websites, and the current one can be Found in the 'Centre of Infomation'.

Member of The MonthEdit

Neuron has recently upgraded a Member of The Month facility, congratulating one very special person that has done many things for the Group. The first ever MOTM was xYx ZeuS xYx for advertising TLB in the Classifieds.

Centre of InfomationEdit

This is a page in TLB's Pinned topics. It has everything the Group has done, basically like a record thread. It was constructed in late July 2008, with the intention of navigating thr Group much more easier, and new members are recommended to take a look, as it can be very helpful.

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