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Founding of The Holy CouncilEdit

Noobkilla73, joined a long time ago. he is not sure how he found Bungie but he got there; and on the fourth of July, he founded The Holy Council. he decided to call it the Nighthawks, but it was taken, so he was trying to think of The High Council he made the mistake of The Holy Council, but it was good enough since the same day he got 2 members. The name stuck.

First MembersEdit

The first 2 Members were Seargent Major (Who� was co-leader) and RunicCentaur. Runic posted 3 times and disappeared, but holds one of the first records broken, first active member and first custom rank. He was gone forever soon. Seargent Major, however, kept coming back.� Noobkilla73 posted news saying "you should be more active". It can still be seen today. Next came Gatorboy. He was ok. Later, he revealed he was racist and after that became less active and quit.

New AllyEdit

When Allied with Halo Legends, THC gained a few members and new friends, also someone else to know that THC exists. The two leaders got along well.� The Holy Council got to 60, 70, 80, then 100 members.

Stuck at 50Edit

For weeks, The Holy Council was stuck at 50 members because of LordAustin16. Noobkilla73 recruited as did many members but it wasnt any good. It was like going to China with Indian books(<retarded metaphor).

Pearl Harbor of The Holy CouncilEdit

October 2009, The Holy Council is active and safe, Noobkilla73 met new members, they all came at nearly the same time, Noobkilla let most in The "leader" of them asked for full power. Noobkilla73 said "you've been here once, for fifteen minutes, lol"

Somehow they got power (Blamed on Shipmaster X) and locked several threads and deleted ALL the pinned topics. Even the first thread and the 100th post thread, as soon as we got 1000 posts.

Event Dramatically Changes The Holy CouncilEdit

As soon as it ended and LoadAustin16 bans the bad guys,� Noobkilla73 was pissed.� he was glad that the current leadershop worked, they were stopped, but too late. Work was done to fix the problem, done ALL by Noobkilla73.

1. New RanksEdit

To prevent another happening,� Noobkilla73 fixed up the ranks.� he brought down powers and made sure that NO rank had the power to accept members but the leaders. As generous as� he is,� he made sure you didnt have good powers until office

2. Closed MembershipEdit

For the 2nd time ever, he closed memebrship. This prevented the bad guys from coming in, all he needed was to be attacked while fixing up the damage from the last one.


To prove and test my tweaking, i opened membershp. It is still open today. I am still waiting to test it, I'm sure it works.

"The Exchange"Edit

By February, The Holy Council has 185 members. Darthdizor fools Seargent Major into giving full power to him. He takes over. THC has fell. Noobkilla73s system was a complete failure. Seargent Major joins The Holy Council V2, but sees the evidence and quits.

20 Members againEdit

Mid-february, THC V2 had 20 members. After the great embarassment, THC gains new members. Old members join and new ones to.

The Fall Of THC V2Edit

Then soon afterward a guy named MBT Knights MBT conqurored THC V2 and then blamed Insane AlphaBeta for Conquering THC V2 MBT Knights MBT gave Insane AlphaBeta and MBT Knights MBT a fake admin rank,MBT Knights MBT succeded and all of THCs top memebers including Noobkilla73 thought Insane AlphaBeta Conquered THC V2.

The Start Of THC V3Edit

cRaZyT101 made another THC for Noobkilla73 called THC V3.

The TruthEdit

In THC V3 VenomDarkside revealed that he was the real person behind the group being Conquerored, but MBT Knights MBT tried to take the blame Insane AlphaBeta was forgiven but MBT was not for a long long time, VenomDarkside succeded in blameing MBT Knights MBT but not for long. Noobkilla73 knew Venom did it but know one beleaved him everyone thought MBT Knights MBT did it untill now,

The New THC The Hôly CouncilEdit

The Leader of the original THC Noobkilla73 did not want a V3 in the THC name so he made a new THC The Hôly Council

Forgiven.........For NowEdit

MBT Knights MBT has addmitted that he did not conqueror THC V2 if this is true then VenomDarkside is the real person that did it

The Peach Returns!!!!Edit

thats right SelectivePeach10 Returns to THC, a great day indeed for THC

2 THC Legends have Returned!!!!!!Edit

That's right, Selective Peach and Sargeant major have returned, now THC is at full power again.

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