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Formed by four members, the HRAH is a small clan dedicated to helping other gamers get every Halo: Reach achievement in an anti-boosting environment. Boosters, modders, or hackers are barred entry into the clan by default. The founders of the HRAH are SquirrelKing888, HRAH Sierra 312, thedemonmaster, and LlamaGenocide. We are currently at a total of fifteens, and are striving for a goal of fifty by October 14th 2010.


One night in the summer of 2010, SquirrelKing888 and HRAH Sierra 312 (then LimaBeanie), LlamaGenocide, and thedemonmaster were discussing the idea of having a clan in Halo: Reach. One idea was the same as our previous clan, the Killjoys, now disbanded, but we settled on an achievement hunting clan called the HRAH, or Halo Reach Achievement Hunters. Original name, I know. On July 29th of that year, thedemonmaster formed our page, where we document all recruited members, and discuss Halo fiction in general, including Fan Fiction, Fan Art, and news from Bungie.


-About a month before all Bungie games' release, we require all members to type SPOILER ALERT: in front of all spoiler topics.

-No hackers, modders, or boosters. NO EXCEPTIONS.

-No talk of religion, politics, or anything conflict-viable. We don't want World War III starting in our forums.

-Superiority in gaming is prohibited. This includes platform-debate threads, gaming-debate threads, and general argument over gaming. The HRAH strives to be a friendly environment for gamers.

-Spam and Flaming is prohibited as well. You have ONE WARNING.

We enforce these rules loosely until we recieve our goal of 50 members, with the exception of Rule #2, followed strictly at all times.

To join, have a Bungie account and click the url at the bottom of the page.

Member Listing in GamertagsEdit

D slayer v1




A Smart Person

Hamilton YM






Randolf Titler

Screamo Luvr

HRAH Sierra 312






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