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The Guide is a now-deleted, one-of-a-kind Chapter on Unlike most groups, the Guide specialized in serving as a tool rather than a forum. The Guide was a resource for both new and veteran group users to help them navigate and become more familiar with the vast expanses of and the 7th Column.

The Guide was an open chapter that provides chapter reviews for persons interested in joining new groups, as well as interviews of prominent Community members including Bungie staff, Forum Ninjas, Master Forum Ninjas, and veteran forum members.

The Guide was proud to have as part of its membership nearly every forum moderator as well as Bungie staff and former staff, including Frankie and AGDTinMan.

It was started by snowmanaxt and, at the time of its deletion, was run by Editor-in-Chief Gods Prophet and Senior Editor x Foman123 x. Community members were encouraged to become volunteer "staff" members of The Guide.

Sometime in mid-2009, The Guide was deleted under unknown circumstances, along with all of its content and history. The reason for its deletion was never discovered.


The Guide was originally a chapter founded by Gods Prophet with the aim of archiving information on everything Bungie. Unfortunately this was too big a task to achieve. This mixed with bad timing meant that the chapter was soon dropped, later to be revived by snowmanaxt and Gods prophet.

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