The Green Grunt is a fan-fiction author who created the Halo-inspired series Truth and Honor.[citation needed] Life Edit

The Green Grunt joined's forums on May 9th of 2005. He's since been in and out of groups rising in rank quickly and helping in most. He leads several, his best being High Ground even though it has less than 100 members it keeps a chilled mood. His history spans wide across his groups but doesn't leak out into the public groups as well. He has been in several of the once top groups including Popular Fusion(Once Chaos Defined and Chaos Redefined). He's since moved on from there and held station at groups such as Ninja Academy, ODST Archives,Heretic Alliance, and Thee Warriors.

His first group Edit

is unknown, but it is possible that he joined Mausoleum of The Arbiters first. MoTA was a fanfic group which was active until the leader(Account name unknown) was unable to continue on due to computer trouble. GG's Fanfic Truth and Honor began there and still continues to grow. The next possibilities are Grunt Co and Heretic Alliance. HA was a faction group with the covenant(later heretics), and then the Human side. This group is where Grunt has met most of his friends on Bungie. His "enemy" was always Sergeant Kelso.

Sergeant Kelso is in no way an actual enemy. He and grunt only pretend to fight due to him being human and grunt being on the Covie side. The Leader of HA was Evil Bie until he left Bungie. Nate took over for a while and then formed Ninja Academy.

The Public forums Edit

Grunt has hated the public forums due to the what he calls idiots on there. He only has spent time in the Septagon during the new Hawtness. He hasn't spent much time in those forums since.

Real Life Edit

Grunt is a North American born male that over his gaming years has found his way to and their forums. He is often funny and almost always random in his posts and speech. Grunt also has his times to be serious.

Age: unknown
Location: Eastern USA
Favorite things: video games, tv, discussing, chatting
Hobbies: Gaming,Writing, Drawing, and helping his female friends with their computers and website pages.
Dislikes: Large groups of people, Matchmaking on Halo 2, Noobs, and many other things

Xbox Live Edit

His gamertag on live is ThatDiabeticKid. He will tell them yes and say nothing more. Sometimes people will laugh, but he just gives them a nice plasma to the face or bullet to the head and sends them on their way. He often finds it interesting to see the people that laugh have the worst names. He finds Live more of a comedy show than a playground.

Trivia Edit

  • Green Grunt's name comes from the Green armored grunts rumored to be in Halo:CE.
GrnGrunt 3601-1-

a common found sig image found on many of Grunt's out-of-bungie accounts.

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