The Friends List
Group Overview
Founded June 9th, 2014
Admin El Burninator
Motto A new, old community.
Members 462
Clan Tag TFL
Group Link

Introduction Edit

The Friends List is a private chapter on Founded on June 9th, 2014, TFL's initial goal was to give regulars of #Offtopic a safe haven for posting, and to maintain the culture of The Flood Forum. Since its creation, TFL has taken immense inspiration from Thee Warriors, Cetacean Space Station, and The Flood, and has changed into an open, yet slightly selective, community for posting about anything.

History Edit

In late May and early June 2014, El Burninator contacted ZoltoydeZ77 (now Zoltoyde, AKA Space Whale), and talked about creating an off-topic group to foster a true community. After recruiting the original staff, TFL started advertising in #Offtopic, #Gaming, and #Destiny. After the invent of the #clans forum, advertisement halted until new ideas could be presented.

The early running for The Friends List was a bit tumultuous. While testing different approaches and rule sets, rampant spam and reckless insulting lead to controversial bans of several members. While this lead to the creation of a few competing groups, it gave the moderators the experience necessary to bolt down a true Code of Conduct, and eventually all of the banned members were reinstated.

Members Edit

Active Staff: Edit

-El Burninator







Retired Staff: Edit



-Mr Psychologist

-a cheese potato



-Jim The Admin


Hall of Fame: Edit



-Mojo1965 - likes to be pegged


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