The Final Few is possibly the most beast person in existance. He will be declared King of the World in 5 years after commencing graduation of High School.

During his free time he listens to dubstep. Dubstep is possible the best genre of music known to 21st century man. His favorite artists include Chrispy, Nero, Dubba Jonny, Datsik, Excision and Skream.

During the summer months The Final Few scours the local beaches scouting out the chicks with his bros. He enjoys fist-bumping and being crammed into a small house with 20 other morons while they party and get drunk, have sex, and argue.

Oh wait. That's wrong.

He likes to run track and play football. Football, as in the sport for real men who don't kick at each other's shins like littles school girls. Football is second only to rugby. Track is for only the coolest people, as many people enjoy swelling their ego by putting a time and distance next to their names.

He joined Eros sometime during Feburary or something and it his favorite group. He once tried to join Saphire but Harlow can be a total bitch sometimes.

When hungry, The Final Few hunts porcupines with his bear hands and eats them raw. He also like pizza and AriZona/ Arnold Palmers. He is the coolest guy ever. Words cannot describe the ammount of chill he is.

He is also incredibly sexy, swave, and intelligent.

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