The Orgy Lovers
Group Overview
Founded Jan 1st, 6969 BC
Admin CockFuckingImbecile
Motto "We really like fucking, and guzzling sweet, sweet cum!" -Female motto "We love smashing pussy!" -Male Motto "We're in the thick of it!" -Bi Motto
Members 15,000+
Clan Tag CUM
Group Link Check your Urethra

The Orgy Lovers is a massive, mega clan on The founder is fuckbuddy69. The group almost has a military feel to it, but it isn't really tight. (some of the pussy is, though.)

The group is over one year old. They have forum games and we have great movie reviews. They also have allied groups, which is a big plus. If you are already in a group, then you might form an alliance between the groups. They may nibble on your gibbles and possibly give you a hand job if you're lucky, plus, they're into bestiality. So that's a plus as well.

They enjoy bukkake and ogries, so if you're a female, don't sign up! They need more men for their bukkake cum shot parties! Their 'military feel' should not give you a reason not to join, it just means less soft-core!

Founded in 1969 by fuckbuddy69 they are the most sexual Halo clan to date. They have at least four orgy parties per day that usually end in a massive pile of women being coated in jizz, it's really quite fun have four college girls sucking you off at the same time. They also have rooms sectioned for fetishes so you can be paired (or grouped ;) ) with the right people! Wow!

Their HQ is hosted in San Diego. And so if you're up for spending money for a plane ticket, it's worth it! The rent is $300 dollars per month to live in a room in their massive complex, though it may smell like sex and cum if you're on a higher floor, that's where the orgies are. With 15,000+ people we can have the annual "Entire group" orgy!

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