The Darkest Corner
Group Information
Theme: Black
Founder: JBSpudster
Location: In the nearest corner.
Motto: You're not going to make it.
Members: 60
Founded On: 10.01.2010
Group Page: The Darkest Corner

The Darkest Corner Edit

The Darkest Corner was founded on October 1, 2010 as a "place for those who have realized that they're not going to make it."

Pessimistic Idealism Edit

The Darkest Corner is a pessimistic chapter; "you're never going to make it" is what you'll often read when browsing the many threads in The Darkest Corner. An anonymous group member described TDC as, "A terrible place to be." Which makes sense, as The Darkest Corner is full of pessimistic (enlightened) people. Those who proclaim that they will make it are simply lying to themselves.

The Cone of Shame Edit

The Cone of Shame is a cone...of shame. Quite literally, The Cone of Shame currently defaults to acnboy34, and will continue for a thousand years. In order to qualify for the Cone of Shame, you must do something very stupid. Although acnboy34 claims to never have done anything 'stupid' in the first place, the administrators feel otherwise. JBSpudster spawned the Holy Cone of Shame, and Index extended acnboy34's sentence.

What those pessimistic bastards want you to think is that the Cone of Shame is something bad. On the contrary, the Cone of Shame is a holy artifact which can restore The Darkest Corner to a optimistic chapter. The bearer of the Cone of Shame is quite possibly the only one that can make it, but is too stupid to.

Turkle Edit

Introduced by True Underdog (Turkle Underdurkle), the prime advocator of the act, is a highly guarded group secret and is often performed by True Underdog while he sings this song. It is considered by many first world countries as a weapon of mass destruction.

Notable Threads Edit


A thread started by Old Papa Rich, the first day TDC was opened to the public, entitled: *lurking* contains quite possibly the answers to the universe. It's over 9000 pages long; and reportedly can get women pregnant. Use at your own risk.

Project A.N.U.S.

Aggregated Network of User Suggestions. What else would it mean?

Chocolate Milk


Hot pockets

Hot pockets are a bad thing.

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