The Coup Crew is a group of users who stick together constantly and often end up derailing threads by changing the topic in them constantly. All members are users of Coup d'Bungie.

The phrase was originally coined by DabilahroNinja to describe the group when another user was surprised at how fast they had derailed the thread. The phrase was then picked up by WyIdfyre.


Current members of the 'Coup Crew' include:

  • bred (this kid is basically a faggot)
  • DabilahroNinja
  • DAS B00T x2
  • RoundedHalo
  • RogueAssassin27
  • Seneka the 5th
  • WyIdfyre
  • Caboose3729

Often other members of Coup d'Bungie join into conversations between this group.

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