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The Community Carnage is a long-standing community tradition that was initially named by Cryptic in 2007. It since passed hands several times, before it sadly lost the right to use the public forums. In 2011, it returned under the management of Tom T and Qbix89 who have successfully brought it back, clocking 14 very successful carnages in 7 months. In August 2011, activity within The Community Carnage slowed a bit, due to general slow down, but took off again with the help of the new map pack from Halo CEA, as well as the Ride Alongs which are run by DeeJ.

The Community Carnages are planned, organised and hosted by 5 Organisers and 7 Senior Organisers. While the Project Manager, the Administrator and the Content Gurus also get actively involved in the planning and organising of the carnages, they have other jobs, for example; it is the Content Gurus job to film the Carnages and upload the vids to the Community Carnages Youtube channel for other members of the Community to enjoy.

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