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The Bungie Community is a chapter originally intent on creating a guide for the site. The founder, CrypticGuardian plans to work on other features and aspects of the chapters, some of them being:

  • Community slideshow
  • Project ORANGE
  • Guide: Help & Information
  • Community Carnage Tournaments
  • Community Humpday Project
  • New Website for Community Humpdays
  • Extension to Guide

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Bungie FavoritesEdit

The Bungie Community will be judging the Bungie Favorites for a number of weeks in 2009. Members can submit files in the pinned thread in the forum. ­­ ­

Moderation StaffEdit

[7] Founder:

  • CrypticGuardian

[7] Guardian

  • Lowest Ranked
  • lukems
  • mehve
  • runningturtle

[7] Moderator

  • ash55
  • Captain K Mart
  • chris547
  • Duardo
  • GameJunkieJim
  • Gods Prophet
  • Great_Pretender
  • just another fan
  • odmichael
  • Qbix89
  • Recon Number 54
  • Senor Leche
  • Sir Fragula
  • Skiptrace
  • The Slayer
  • urk
  • x Foman123 x

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Other StaffEdit

Journey Man

  • Coffey4780

Zippy Zealot

  • Firebird347

Content Writer

  • heyyou9974


The Black Chapter

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