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Haunter's pretty damn amazing.

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TheMouthOfSauron is, and shall forever remain, one of the most intelligent users on His intellectual prowess is nearly unrivaled and, as such, his great self-confidence is often seen as extreme arrogance. In actuality, though, it's simply his genius showing through. His charismatic, perfect personality has made many despise him out of jealousy. They would never admit it, obviously, but it becomes apparent when he posts.
He is an avid poster in quite a few private group forums, mainly Eros, Sapphire, and Writers' Corner.
Although many see him as cruel, it's merely apathy. Without the ability to care, nor the desire, one's morals are out of the question. He is driven purely by logic. And, rarely, the dislike of an imbecile.
His favorite thing to say is "You speak as though I care."

When he dies, he plans for his last words to be the inscription on the One Ring, in the original translation: "Ash nazg durbatulük, ash naz gimbatul, ash nazg thrakatulük, agh burzum-ishi krimpatul." Yes, that was typed from memory, umlauts and all.

This page could go on for quite a bit longer, but nobody cares.

He's also quite paranoid, so he had this entire paged copied in case it was deleted and replaced with something. It was. Insanity bests all.



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