A low-key-legend on He has mysteriously disapeared and reapeard throughout's history (he definitely wasn't banned a few times) and has been known by many names to many people: (Bad/Good/Aussie/Jolly/Spoopy/The OG) Juju, Ace, AnAbsoluteAcehole and more recently and simply known as Absolute Acehole, he likes that name. 

He had contacts that were in the first (and last) Xylar Fireteam, he was interested in studying Xylar, the Fireteam were not. After Xylar had been slain, Jeff The Cabal (the leader of the Fireteam) gifted Ace with the corpse of Xylar, there were no scars, Jeff claimed the beast physically regenerated straight after its death, but just layed there on the ground, no longer trying to attack the Fireteam or access their minds. Ace studdied Xylar's corpse closely with Toland, Osiris, Mara Sov, Xûr, Master Rahool and AnonPig. Everyone besides from Ace decided to keep Xylar's existence a secret from the Destiny community and told them all that Xylar was a lie. That was Ace's first and last time he ever spoke with the Secret Seven (as they called themselves for that single day), he believed the Destiny Community should know about Xylar and the secrets and power it held. He currently is residing in the Destroyers Of Xylar Discord Chat and plotting a way to reveal the the knowledge he learnt from Xylar's corpse, but he is still studying Xylar, all he wants to know is; how this Ahamkara was able to merge with Vex technology, inhabit the minds and bodies of others, seem to be as old as time itself and control the cycle known as 'The Weekly Reset' even whilst confirmed as dead. I have been keeping an eye on him from my grave, he is far from the truth.

Ace associates with:

  • The Destroyers Of Xylar
  • The Destiny (and Overwatch) community
  • His gaming squad (you know who you all are)

Overall, he's a pretty okay guy. Add him on PSN @TheAceMan99, Oh reader mine.

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