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==Team Slayer Fans== is a active, fast growing group on, With over 110 Members!

Its for anyone who plays or its a fan of the follow: Any Custom made Slayer games(Swords,rockets etc) Team/Social Slayer Team Swat Team Doubles Lone wolves* Squad Battle* MLG* Team Snipers Rumble Pit* Multi Team DLC FFA DLC Big Team* Double Exp Weekends Team Melee* Fiesta Slayer* Rockets Legenday Brawl

  • Slayer gametypes only.

Team Slayer fans has Contests and Tournaments with prizes such as Microsoft Points and Xbox live subscription cards! Here are the ranks(Top being Full Control to bottom being Lowest)

Warlord Master Forum Ninja Forum Ninja Community Guy Tourney MVP Tourney Participatent Chief Team MVP Team Captain Team Player Apprentice Recruit Objective Player(Non-member)

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