Penguin Army
Writhed in mystery Team Penguin is lead by Astro4545. Team Penguin is the third team in the Potato Wars and was the one that started it.


Started March 5, 2014 by Astro4545 it has closely moniterd the Potato/Turtle conflict makeing sure that ii fired the fires of war. It has made sure there is people who are not involved in the conflict are not hurt, Recently it has recently been working on genetic experments trying to make the ultimiate PoTurtle.

The Penguin ArmyEdit

The Penguin Army consits of:

400,000,000,424 troops

50,000,000,053 squads

12,500,000,013 platoons

2,500,000,002 companies

416,666,667 battalions

104,166,666 brigades

52,083,333 Divisions

13,020,833 Corps

6,510,416 Armies

1,627,604 Army Groups

406,901 Army Regions

101,725 Theaters

All Lead by Astro4545

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