Tcreavis' Avatar

"I don't quote anyone but myself." - Tcreavis

Real LifeEdit

Tcreavis has a tendency to fall for astronaughts saying: "AEIOU!". He enjoys a game called Moonbase Alpha, or more greatly known as, "JOHN MADDEN!" Tcreavis is skilled in Fixing the Moon, and always doubles up with his partner Scatcycle. They explore the moon together, fixing the moon with their little robits.

Travis McCreave (A.K.A Tcreavis) is excellent at making fake names for himself. In fact, it's been rumored he was offered a full ride from Mississippi Arts and Native Diction Institutional Center of Kentucky for that skill. He proceeded to turn down said invitation for abbreviation related reasons.

Born somewhere in the deep woods of Eastern Oklahoma, Travis was abandoned by his biological mother after she gave birth to him during a regional LARPING event. There, a gruff man known only as Stallion picked up the infant with the intentions of selling him for liquor money. But on the treck back to Stallion's home, an abandoned studio apartment, the lass grew on Stallion, and he couldn't let him go.

Stallion taught Tcreavis many of skill. Whether it be how to shake down a john who tries to cheat a hoe, or the proper way to break a car window with only the bare hand. But this was not a proper lifestyle for a young boy. When Tcreavis was 6 years old, Stallion got busted with 16 pounds of cocaine in his cavity and they wiisked the young boy away to a foster home. There he was introduced to technology. His new father was a CIA agent who was rarely home, and his mother was a cyborg with a thirst for vengeance after her creators were gunned down by filthy communists. She also stayed away for book club a lot. So the boy was left to do as he wished with a computer and his own Nintendo.

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