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Tater Salad jr officially joined B.Net in February of 2007, just after the Kitchen 8 episodes (took part in it under an earlier account). A third generation alt, he soon gained familiarity primarily within the Flood forum, being online for hours every day, and posting mostly teenage rubbish stemming from depression. He was the member who titled "DAB-Day" (Day After Bungie Day Day, 7/8/07) which would be commonly used to reference the night forum ninja Pezza's account was hacked and all hell broke loose upon the B.Net forums. The infamous Logical Thinking is commonly believed to have been the hacker behind that occassion. In memorial of that glorious/terrible day, Tater led many forum members to change their avatars to the "fists full of thunder" picture for a day. He titled other memorable days in the flood as well.

Never an avid private group member, he did have one memorable affiliation with the mysterious and infamous group, The Agency, founded by Element Leaf. Indeed, Tater Salad jr rose the ranks to second in command, being the only person other than Element Leaf to know the full purpose of The Agency, even to this day. How he miraculously escaped the wrath of the mods when most members of The Agency were banned for 1-4 months, no one knows but God.

Throughout Tater Salad jr's many exploits, one stands above the rest. In July 2007, Tater won a webcam game and was rewarded with the second Webcam MVP title. Only seven titles were ever won, and out of those seven, two members are now moderators, and another died, leaving four remaining active Webcam MVPs on B.Net. Because of this honor, he gets many womens.

His list of bans and warnings are impressive, breaking rules often and without abandon. He particularly likes to be banned for discussing religious topics. Because of these bannings and dispite his lengthy B.Net tenure, the color of his status bar is a dark gray, indicating he would only be a common "member" if it weren't for his custom title.

He decreased activity significantly throughout 2008, and during his senior year of high school (2009) and freshman year of college (2010), he has been rarely seen on the forums. He is the Entei of rare, legendary, beautiful, and intellectually challenging, yet dangerous, reckless, and unpredictable. Truly, as Tater Salad jr has played a small part in helping form the community, so has the community played a part in forming him.

-written by Tater

p.s. jacking off to myself has never been this fun.

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