The space core did what to my girlfriend?

~ T1B3R7uMB0YXVI LifeEdit


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T1B3R7uMB0YXVI, pronounced "Tiberium Boy 16", is a regular user, and has been active since he joined on 11.06.2007. T1B3R7uMB0YXVI first joined after a friend of his showed him the box of Halo 2, and he happened to notice that the web address was on the back. He then decided to check it out, and after that, he was hooked. However, unlike many, Tiberium didn't come for the stats, nor stay for the lame jokes.

"I stay on because it feels like a family here. Once you go Bungie, you'll always be a Bungie," he says. "I plan to stay here as long as Bungie gives us the same gameplay as you experienced when you first started to play Halo 3."

T1B3R7uMB0YXVI has made many friends on Bnet, and holds them in high regard.

"I have a lot of friends and members that I am well fond with. Each and everyone of my friends (maybe rivals... we'll see) always have my connection somehow and some way. Sometimes I look up to them, and sometimes I would be with them. Knowing my friends is like knowing true confidence in each other."

Tiberium is currently active in the Public Forums and several chapters -- he regulars the Community forum and posts somewhat often in the Teh 1337ists chapter.

In Real LifeEdit

In real life, some of Tiberium's hobbies include gaming, going on Bnet and the Internet, forum copping, modeling, and coding, respectively. He was recently laid off of the job he loved most due to the poor economic state of the US.

His favorite console is the PC, and when asked what his favorite video game was, he replied, "My favorite at the moment would be Team Fortress 2, the amazing and unique cartoon-style gameplay has been the most addictive game ever, since it's free to play as of it right now. Following up comes the Battlefield 3 Beta -- the hyperrealistic and in-depth "future"-generation technology of graphic and physic games that attracts many customers. Seeing how it surpass many awards, I have a feeling that Battlefield 3 will win the SpikeTV Game award this year. "

He plays video games often, and considers it almost impossible to list the number of times he has played a video game for enjoyment.


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