Favorite band of Swift. R.I.P The Reverend.

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Basic info.:

Swiftkillswitch3 has had quite the time on with many-a-folk, being a member of around 15 groups and having enjoyed every moment or at least most of the time. His membership began 2.19.2010 and will never end. He has quite a few friends, but is barely recognized and doesn't care if he is or isn't. There have been numerous times when he's gone to a link and regretted it... and, amazingly, not one virus.


He's a member of 15 different groups: WC, The FA and a few others placing to be his favorites. Though he posts in only a few, he enjoys all of teh company. WC really is the only one to know him so well, the founders and mostly members to join just days after he do. He has one group under him, but they're active in their own sense. He typically just checks up, knowing that his mods/admins keep it under control.

No, he is not and never will be a furry. His favorite genre(s) are rock and metal, his favorite band being Avenged Sevenfold.

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