Sub Zer0stryker is a man-made user profile for Some people argue that he may be the most popular Floodian around. It is not known how or where Stryker was born, although it is known that he was created on 4/10/2008. People view Stryker as their leader, or a modern day Jesus.

Friends & FoesEdit

Sub Zer0 has many friends on His main friend being Otterlover. Sub Zer0 has no known enemies, everyone loves him.

Variations of nameEdit

Sub Zer0stryker can be called many things. First off, you can call him by his full name, Sub Zer0stryker. He has also been called Sub, Sub Zer0, Zero, Stryker, and Sub Stryker. He has also been called other names, some that I shouldn't be naming here.


On February 19, 2006 Sub Zer0stryker was found unconscious in his room. He was rushed to the hospital and the doctors tried to resuscitate him, but no luck. At approximately 9:28 in the morning, Sub Zer0stryker died at age nine. During his autopsy, doctors found traces of Cocaine in his bloodstream, which was then pronounced as the cause of his death.




Just kidding!

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