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The user on this page is a Employee. For details and for a list of Bungie Employees, click here.
Stosh Steward
Employee Overview
UserName stosh
Current Title Bungie
Member Since 19.November.2001
Employee Since 2002: Ninja / 2009: Employee
Group Count 16
XL Gamertag stoshy
Profile Link

Stosh is a Bungie employee and part of the Web Team. Stosh was originally a member of the Bungie Community and was one of the first two non-employee moderators on, (with Shishka). Eventually, Stosh became a Contractor for Bungie, brought on board for his artistic abilities.

On September 14, 2009 Stosh was finally hired as a permanent employee, thus exchanging his salmon text on the public forums for the gold text indicative of full-time Bungie Employees.He

Stosh's current avatar.

currently works on, the Bungie mobile application, and other various web- and marketing-related projects.

Stosh's last Avatar

Stosh is the target of a famous inside joke and meme amongst Community Regulars. Whenever anything goes wrong with the site, people frequently "blame Stosh." This is the end result of a post by Achronos in which he told Community members to "blame Stosh" for an error in the website.

S tbagjx8

Stosh's old Avatar.


Stosh avatar

Stosh's old Bnet avatar

  • Stosh has been spotlighted in the Bungie Community Spotlight.
  • Stosh made a Halo 3 Forge variant of Blackout, called Stoshout. It is indeed the worst Forge map ever created. But you probably already guessed that.
  • During the site update of 5/29/09, Stosh's title changed from Master Forum Ninja to "Hates Toast"
  • Has worked at Bungie since August 2006
    Moderator stosh

    Stosh's old avatar

  • Has a cat which is the subject of frequent humorous pictures and YouTube videos
  • Stosh has actually (contrary to popular belief) admitted to thinking toast is "ok".

Stosh's old avatar.



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