Halo 2 emblem

St3althsniper22's current avatar.

Once, a long time ago, in a galaxy far far away, Stealth had no idea what was a "", "xbox", or "halo". Unthinkable. He discovered this mystical world at a friends house in the summer of '06, for offline campaign playing Halo 2. He went back to this mystical world every few days, until 2007, when he saw his friend playing this "Halo 3" thing. He was told that it was the Beta, and gave it a shot to play, and fell in love. He created a account shortly after, when he was told to look at said friends stats (he thought you needed an account to look at stats). Unfortunetly, he forgot the info for the account shortly after making it, and didn't visit for quite some time afterward. In fact, the account auto-deleted. He did play Halo 3 with friends as a guest for some campaign, though. Stealth got his Xbox in the summer of 2008 (August 8th, to be exact), but didn't get Xbox LIVE until November of that year. He made his new, and current, account that same day (November 6th).

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