Spartan Confederacy
Group Overview
Founded 2006
Admin Halop0wner23
Motto None
Members 11
Clan Tag None
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History Edit

Spartan Confederacy was founded by Halop0wner23 on November 26 2006. The group slowly grew with some very well known members. Among these members were American Recoil and dmk001. The two became the group's first council members. Over four months, the member count grew from 3 to 20. Another set of well known members also came into the group, Muno, Natedogr and Mastersniper_123. These three supported the activity within the group. After another month, the group gathered 10 more members, contributing to the group with unique posts and activity.

Alliances Edit

During the group's high point, many groups became allies such as Ninja Academy, Art of War, Halo Mafia, Gears of Halo , and The Last Line. With these alliances, more members took interest into the group and joined. Member count both decreased and increased during this time.

Rise of the Confederacy Edit

With the coming of a member, HaloDementions, more members arrived. HaloDementions created a recruitment PM that changed the group. The group reached a high point of 61 members and is continuing to grow. Expectations are high for this group and I'm sure that it will rise throughout Bungie.