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Spartan 962 is an old school poster on He is a veteran of many a B.Net war and since, has become rather jaded. His posts on are never to the point and tend to ramble on and on. straight and to-the-point, But his intentions are good. He also enjoys trolling trolls.

Halo 3Edit


  • Highest Skill: 20
    • Highest EXP: 569
    • Current Rank: Captain, Gra

      Sparten962's Halo 3 emblem (Very classy)

      de 3
    • Service Number: S80

Most old school Bnet'ers have played with him at one time or another. And on Halo 3. He was annoyingly good with the Energy sword. Some say he is still undefeted.

Often he dismissed by Rankwhores, and sorely underestemated by them. This usually proves to be thier undoing.

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