Soralis Company puts the SC in UNSC


Soralis Company is a fan-based website allowing many people to chat, play and enjoy the Halo series even more than they normally do. Created by Sergeant basil9 it is a popular group that has many different ranks and events happening daily.


Every day something happens in Soralis Company, be it games, competitions or just talking, but many offer a chance to win something, mainly songs. Here is a list of the events that happen mainly:

  • Game-Nights-Every Friday a game-night is held with many different game-types. Infection, assault, CTF, slayer and more. These are enjoyed by many people and many show off their forge-world maps during this event
  • Competitions-Every week a new competition is held for forgers or film makers. These allow you to show your maps to judges and see if they are good enough to win. These feature many prizes.
  • Weekly Updates-Every week Goodbritinusa creates a new weekly update with all the new content and what has gone on during the week, this announces the winners of competitions and more


Soralis Company has many different ranks which you can attempt to achieve, I will list them below but not in order:

Soldier, General, Commander, Scribe, Captain, Sergeant, Private, Lieutenant, Forge Master, Ally representative, Art Master, Machinima, Assassin, Major.

We also have a member you can annoy named Andres.

Other WebsitesEdit

Soralis Company is also on the www here Soralis and on Facebook. Hope to meet you on one of the websites, good day Bungie lovers!

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