Sonni Forelli was a group conqueror who was active in 2005. His name is justly infamous; in a list of Most Dangerous Conquerors Of All Time, he would miss out on the top spot only because Count Confusion arrived, one year later, to steal his crown.


Sonni Foreili, a member of of numerous groups at the time, had gone on a solo conquering episode and taken over numerous groups. He had conquered The Spartan Council (which he transformed into his main group), Chapter Listings (which returned after Sonni's spree ended), Human Covenant Alliance, The Hunters of war , and Spartans of Morrowind. He was also targeting Red vs Blue Fans and The Sangheili Council. He also posted in The Classifieds, asking members to contact him if there was a group they wanted conquered, and declared war on Mjolnir Battle Tactics, framing them for his work. This worked to an extent; MBT had to defend their repuation, stating that they did not endorse Sonny's activities.


Sonni had a spy in the group HMC2 give editing security roles to an unknown member, who gave Full Control to Sonni's alias, Darth Forelli, who demoted every leader and revoked all other security roles abilities, even the ability to post to the forums. Sonni left, leaving no one in charge. Synthmilk, a member, contacted Achronos concerning this and asked him to give Moose, HMC2's founder, Admin status. This was done and the group returned to normal.


Darth Forelli

King Forelli

Trisha Forelli

Prophet of Anger

Lord Tristan

Lord Truth

Guardian Hunter3

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